1. Palion

    My Life purpose is to achieve the Ascension in the manner  of the Ascended Masters has taught us, with honesty, true Divine Love, and respect towards my fellowmen. Give selfless help and assistance when it  needed.  

  2. Ina

    I know that this community is basically a means to nurture self-love, compassion, hope, reflection, unity and raising a higher frequency and that is what we all do in togetherness.

  3. Jaspal

    Consciousness will be healed.

  4. KarenC

    Where did all of my new Nova friends go? 


    1. Karen

      We are here !! Come over to the forums!!

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  5. KarenC

    Very cool blue moon this past weekend. My pup was a bit more excitable during our agility class, the cats were restless, I woke up a lot during the middle of the night, too. Did some extra meditation work, had a chat with Archangel Michael and we were all good to go. How has your week been? 

  6. Jules

    It's been a quiet Sunday for me and I'm getting ready to join in the Pray for Peace meditation (9pm my time). Blessings of peace to all Gaians tonight ... may our collective prayers transform our planet at the speed of love into a place of gentleness and compassion.


  7. Jules

    Look at this beautiful new site interface ... wow! I'm looking forward to today's Pray for Rain meditation at 15:15 wherever you are. Please join in ... let's bring gentle rain to California and beyond! Here's the guided meditation if you like:  https://youtu.be/GCSRmEufnRw