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    • 2/21/2017 Jesus Sananda
      By Amparo Alvarez · Posted
      Yes beloved Jesus Sananda...We walk together, hand in hand all of us together, on the same path of Love...Thank you for the reminder to stay in the joy and to let go of the need to saving the world...It all starts within, it all happens within...True power is within...That is how we can make the changes needed in the world...I love You beloved Jesus Sananda...and I am in deep gratitude to Thee...Dear Gen as always I am so grateful to you for bringing these loving messages...I Love you...and I love everyone in this forum...
    • 2/21/2017 Jesus Sananda
      By Marga · Posted
      Thank you Gen and Jesus Sananda for the beautiful message .Love you both
    • Message of the Day - 21 February 2017 - Tuesday
      By Marga · Posted
      Beautiful message and pic .Thank you Elizabeth,Linda and Mother Marylove you ALL
    • 2/21/2017 Jesus Sananda
      By Deanna · Posted
      Yes !!! I get this. Such a beautiful way of putting it all together with clarity and understanding. My complete humbled heart in gratitude. Amen 🙏 
    • i need help !
      By Palion · Posted
      Dear Anca as Dottie has said each of us are in the process of Ascension with Gaia. And that's why our DNA is cleaning and raising our vibrational frequency. This process is individual and can be very different from many other people. We must trust that we are all loved and we are being helped by the Beings of Light and our own Divine inner Self