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    • 4/22/2017 Archangel Uriel
      By C.A. · Posted
      dearest Uriel--thank you for this message. i am definitely on your team! and thank you gen as always for bringing him thru. i love you.  
    • Message of the Day - 23 April 2017 - Sunday
      By Genoveva · Posted
      Thank you dearest Linda and Elizabeth for this pertinent message to the current energies and events! Love to you, always!
    • Message of the Day - 23 April 2017 - Sunday
      By Elizabeth · Posted
      Council of Love Published by Dottie Chandler  Message of the Day: " ... I want you to feel ... to think and to sense what gift of your heart ... what service do you wish to give to Gaia today ... Maybe your gift to her is taking time to listen to the birdsong, or the chatter of the squirrels or to pay attention to ... your trees, to write LOVE ... or HEALING in the air or the streams ... the oceans. Let the gift that you wish to gift to her ... well up from your heart and speak and give this sweet offering ... Give it to her now. See her smile." Linda Dillonhttp://counciloflove.com/2012/04/happy-birthday-gaia/  
    • 4/23/2017 Archangel Uriel
      By Genoveva · Posted
          Greetings My dearest ones! I AM Uriel, Archangel of Love and Light, Holder of the Silver Flame of Illumination and Power, and I share that freely to all who are asking for it and who are ready to see the truth, for knowing yourself, your true Self, is indeed the power that everyone is seeking. My beloved brothers and sisters I will be here with thee for awhile, I feel it is My fair time to spend with you, for I have been patiently waiting for you, but that doesn’t mean that I was not always around you, working and preparing you, asking and nudging you to gather all of your pieces of the puzzle and getting you ready for this next adventure, for this exciting co-creative phase of your journey.  Get prepared to have a lot of fun and keep all of your eyes open looking for clues of how to proceed next. Use My Silver flame to get the insight of what it is that you need to release and transmute, so that you could move further along your path, flying high, freely and enthusiastically. You want to know ahead of time how to do it, and what is that final project that you are to work on, but a surprise wouldn’t be a surprise if you are to jump to the end, but rest assured that you are to be amazed and thrilled with your work’s results. Let go of any planning and old ideas of how to do things, for you are going to set the new patterns and bring in effortlessly completely different and unheard of results, solid and long lasting foundations and structures of the Nova Earth, just as all Love based forms and realities are, beautiful, sturdy and magnificent, all in one. Yes, I am giving you the vision of the ancient Temples of the Sun, buildings that have lasted for thousand and thousands of years, and it matters not what was the material used in construction and/or how many have worked on lifting the huge and heavy blocks, what you do need to remember always, is that there was a lot of Love poured into the project and that it was the genuine purpose of the building / Temple to serve all, to bring more of the Light and the Love to the Earth and humanity, selfless purpose that has held it strong over the millennia.  And this is exactly what you are ready to do now, some of you are the architects, some of you are the supervisors and the workers, some of you are the interior designers or the luxury landscapers, it really doesn’t matter which one is your area of expertise. What is really important is that each and everyone of you is needed in top shape and form, so the project will be progressing and be completed in a timely manner, as per The Mother’s will and dream. I am here with you, honored to serve and assist you in any way possible! Farewell for now
    • 4/22/2017 Archangel Uriel
      By Marga · Posted
      Thank you Gen,Beautiful message And AA Uriel I want to thank you for helping me everyday with the silver flame. Im honored and pleased to be with you too!! LOve you and Gen